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The Vanished Bride thumbnail
The Vanished Bride eAudiobook
Bella Ellis / Kristin Atherton

Yorkshire 1845. A young woman has gone missing from her home Chester Grange leaving no trace save a ..

When You See Me thumbnail
When You See Me eAudiobook
Lisa Gardner / Regina Reagan

In a small town in the Deep South Flora Dane is part of a task force committed to hunting down every..

A Soldier's Girl thumbnail
A Soldier's Girl eAudiobook
Maggie Ford / Kate Lee

After a childhood in poverty and leaving school to work at the age of 13 life is beginning to look u..

The Tyranny Of Lost Things thumbnail
The Tyranny Of Lost Things eAudiobook
Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett / Emma Gregory Available 5th July 2024

Having dropped out of university Harmony returns to the site of the urban commune where she lived as..

Body Breaker thumbnail
Body Breaker eAudiobook
M.W. Craven / John Banks Available 5th July 2024

Investigating how a severed hand ends up on the third green of a Cumbrian golf course is not how Det..

All the Days of Our Lives thumbnail
All the Days of Our Lives eAudiobook
Annie Murray / Penelope Freeman

It is 1946: the war is over and three young women face a new kind of life. Katie O’Neill’s child..

My Daughter My Mother thumbnail
My Daughter My Mother eAudiobook
Annie Murray / Penelope Freeman

In 1984 two young mothers meet at a toddler group in Birmingham. As their friendship grows they shar..

One Shot thumbnail
One Shot eAudiobook
Lee Child / Jeff Harding Available 4th July 2024

A lone gunman hides in a parking garage and shoots into a crowd. Five random people die in a sensele..

The Truth Will Out thumbnail
The Truth Will Out eAudiobook
Jane Isaac / Cathy Sabberton Available 4th July 2024

Eva is horrified when she witnesses an attack on her best friend. She calls an ambulance and flees f..

A Life In The Day thumbnail
A Life In The Day eAudiobook
Hunter Davies / Cameron Stewart

Hunter Davies' memoir of his childhood The Co-Op's Got Bananas! was immediately hailed as a classic...

Eighteen Couper Street thumbnail
Eighteen Couper Street eAudiobook
Millie Gray / Lesley Mackie Available 4th July 2024

Anna Campbell's life is dedicated to raising her six foster children. A pillar of the community her ..

A Cure for Love thumbnail
A Cure for Love eAudiobook
Penny Jordan / Julia Barrie Available 4th July 2024

Marry in haste repent at leisure. But although Lacey’s marriage had gone disastrously wrong she co..

A Country Gentleman thumbnail
A Country Gentleman eAudiobook
Ann Barker / Gordon Griffin

Lord Thurlby can only ever recall previous visits of Lavinia Muir his mother’s god-daughter with a..

Her Husband's Mistake thumbnail
Her Husband's Mistake eAudiobook
Sheila O'Flanagan / Caroline Lennon Available 25th July 2024

Roxy's marriage has always been rock solid. After 20 years and with two carefree kids she and Dave a..

Surfeit of Suspects thumbnail
Surfeit of Suspects eAudiobook
George Bellairs / David Thorpe

Following a mysterious explosion the offices of Excelsior Joinery Company are no more; the three dir..