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Beaky Malone: Worst Ever School Trip thumbnail
Beaky Malone: Worst Ever School Trip eAudiobook
Barry Hutchison / Joe Coen Available 8th June 2024

It's 92 hours since Beaky told a lie. He's survived two full days of school ... but now he and his c..

At Long Last Love thumbnail
At Long Last Love eAudiobook
Milly Adams / Maggie Mash Available 8th June 2024

July 1942 and 23-year-old nightclub singer Kate Watson has made a home for herself in bomb-blitzed L..

The Girl Who Walked On Air thumbnail
The Girl Who Walked On Air eAudiobook
Emma Carroll / Victoria Fox

Abandoned at Chipchase's Travelling Circus as a baby Louie dreams of becoming a 'Showstopper' a tigh..

Greenmantle thumbnail
Greenmantle eAudiobook
John Buchan / Peter Joyce

The second of Richard Hannays’ adventures takes him from the trenches of the First World War on a ..

A Year At The Star And Sixpence thumbnail
A Year At The Star And Sixpence eAudiobook
Holly Hepburn / Karen Cass

When sisters Nessie and Sam inherit a pub in a beautiful country village they jump at the chance to ..

A Leap of Faith thumbnail
A Leap of Faith eAudiobook
Trisha Ashley / Julia Franklin

Sappho Jones stopped counting birthdays when she reached 30 but even with her hazy grip on mathemati..

A Proper Family Adventure thumbnail
A Proper Family Adventure eAudiobook
Chrissie Manby / Rita Sharma Available 4th June 2024

The Benson family are used to 86-year-old Granddad Bill repeating his catchphrase “I've won the bl..

In the Company of Strangers thumbnail
In the Company of Strangers eAudiobook
Awais Khan / Esh Alladi

Mona has almost everything: money friends social status...everything except for freedom. Languishing..

The Bookshop of Second Chances thumbnail
The Bookshop of Second Chances eAudiobook
Jackie Fraser / Eilidh Beaton

Thea’s having a bad month. Not only has she been made redundant she’s also discovered her husban..

The Forgotten Waltz thumbnail
The Forgotten Waltz eAudiobook
Anne Enright / Caroline Lennon Available 2nd June 2024

If it hadn't been for the child then none of this might have happened. She saw me kissing her father..

A Winter Flame thumbnail
A Winter Flame eAudiobook
Milly Johnson / Colleen Prendergast

Eve has never liked Christmas especially since her fiancé was killed in action in Afghanisatan on C..

The Other Queen thumbnail
The Other Queen eAudiobook
Philippa Gregory / Anna Bentinck Colleen Prendergast Roger May

Mary is Queen of Scotland but has been forced to flee her land and take refuge in an England that is..

A Day Like Any Other thumbnail
A Day Like Any Other eAudiobook
Isla Dewar / Carolyn Bonnyman Available 2nd June 2024

Anna and her best friend George meet every week to reminisce about their moments of glory over a gla..

A Perfect Marriage thumbnail
A Perfect Marriage eAudiobook
Alison Booth / Karen Cass

Single mother Sally Lachlan has a secret that has haunted her for a decade although perhaps it is ti..

Frank Derrick's Holiday of a Lifetime thumbnail
Frank Derrick's Holiday of a Lifetime eAudiobook
J. B. Morrison / Stephen Thorne

Frank Derrick is 82. But he just doesn't feel old. He's still Frank. A dad a granddad a friend to Bi..