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Brilliant thumbnail
Brilliant eAudiobook
Roddy Doyle / Stephen Hogan

When Uncle Ben's Dublin business fails Gloria and Raymond realise that something is wrong. So when t..

Her Dark Wings thumbnail
Her Dark Wings eAudiobook
Melinda Salisbury / Sarah Barron

Teenagers Corey Alloway and Bree Dovemuir are best friends. They live on an island where people stil..

The Balloon Thief thumbnail
The Balloon Thief eAudiobook
Aneesa Marufu / Nikki Patel

For Khadija the only escape from her arranged betrothal is the sky. When she spots a rogue hot air b..

The Song that Sings Us thumbnail
The Song that Sings Us eAudiobook
Nicola Davies / Nicola Davies

When animals speak it's time humans listened . . .Harlon has been raised to protect her younger sibl..