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Tumbleweeds thumbnail
Tumbleweeds eAudiobook
Will Henry / Jeff Harding Available 13th June 2024

A collection of frontier stories which includes tales of Frank and Jesse James Cole Younger and his ..

Long Journey to Deep Cañon thumbnail
Long Journey to Deep Cañon eAudiobook
T.T. Flynn / Jeff Harding

In the title story of this Western quartet a man must fight tough odds to find out who paid a convic..

The Killer Gun thumbnail
The Killer Gun eAudiobook
Lauran Paine / Jeff Harding

This is the story of spectacular gun customised so it gives the upper hand in any gun duel and the c..

Wanted Men thumbnail
Wanted Men eAudiobook
Walt Coburn / Robert G. Slade

In this Western duo there is one million dollars' worth of gold bullion to be found and a youth land..

The Soldier's Way thumbnail
The Soldier's Way eAudiobook
Dane Coolidge / Jeff Harding

Daredevil gunrunner Beanie Bogan and suicidal romantic Bruce Whittle become members of the Foreign L..

Rifle Pass thumbnail
Rifle Pass eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

Good men gone bad fill the pages of this Western trio with stories of outlaws horse thieves and a ro..

Sign of the Hawk thumbnail
Sign of the Hawk eAudiobook
Max Brand / Jeff Harding

In this Western Duo we see a young man resolve to ride a stallion considered by all as a man-killer ..

A Touch of Frost thumbnail
A Touch of Frost eAudiobook
R.D. Wingfield / Robin Browne

Detective Inspector Jack Frost officially on duty is nevertheless determined to sneak off to a colle..

Night Frost thumbnail
Night Frost eAudiobook
R.D. Wingfield / Stephen Thorne

A serial killer is terrorizing the senior citizens of Denton and the local police are succumbing to ..