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Shadows of the Workhouse thumbnail
Shadows of the Workhouse eAudiobook
Jennifer Worth / Annie Aldington Available 14th June 2024

In the 1950s Jennifer Worth was a district midwife in East London. She worked with an order of nursi..

A Life In The Day thumbnail
A Life In The Day eAudiobook
Hunter Davies / Cameron Stewart Available 12th June 2024

Hunter Davies' memoir of his childhood The Co-Op's Got Bananas! was immediately hailed as a classic...

Over A Hot Stove thumbnail
Over A Hot Stove eAudiobook
Flo Wadlow / Patience Tomlinson

This delightful memoir provides a unique `Upstairs Downstairs` account of what life was really like ..

Prince Philip's Century 1921-2021 thumbnail
Prince Philip's Century 1921-2021 eAudiobook
Robert Jobson / Sam Dastor

Prince Philip's life and legacy. Read the new and definitive biography of the remarkable Duke of Edi..

I Leap Over the Wall thumbnail
I Leap Over the Wall eAudiobook
Monica Baldwin / Anne Dover

At the age of 21 Monica Baldwin - the niece of Stanley Baldwin - entered one of the most strictly en..

The Doctor Will See You Now thumbnail
The Doctor Will See You Now eAudiobook
Dr Amir Khan / Dr Amir Khan Available 11th June 2024

Charting his 15 years working as a GP Dr Amir Khan's stories are as much about community and care as..

Littlejohn's Lost World thumbnail
Littlejohn's Lost World eAudiobook
Richard Littlejohn / Richard Littlejohn Available 10th June 2024

Richard Littlejohn was born in Ilford Essex in 1954. It wasn't just another century it was another c..

Only Fools And Stories thumbnail
Only Fools And Stories eAudiobook
David Jason / Maggie Mash Available 9th June 2024

In his first book David Jason told us about himself from his early years training as an electrician ..

Quicksand thumbnail
Quicksand eAudiobook
Henning Mankell / Seán Barrett Available 8th June 2024

In January 2014 I was informed that I had cancer. However Quicksand is not a book about death and de..

Call the Midwife thumbnail
Call the Midwife eAudiobook
Jennifer Worth / Annie Aldington

Jennifer Worth was just 22 when she volunteered to spend her early years of midwifery training in th..

Breathtaking thumbnail
Breathtaking eAudiobook
Rachel Clarke / Rachel Clarke Available 4th June 2024

How does it feel to confront a pandemic from the inside? To bridge the gulf between a perilously unw..

Happy Old Me thumbnail
Happy Old Me eAudiobook
Hunter Davies / Cameron Stewart Available 4th June 2024

On 8th February 2016 Hunter Davies' wife Margaret Forster died of spinal cancer and in the days that..

A House Full of Daughters thumbnail
A House Full of Daughters eAudiobook
Juliet Nicolson / Julie Teal Available 3rd June 2024

All families have their myths and legends. For many years Juliet Nicolson accepted hers - the danger..

A Good Face for Radio thumbnail
A Good Face for Radio eAudiobook
Eddie Mair / the Author

For millions of listeners to BBC Radio 4 Eddie Mair has been the trusted guide to the world every we..

The Mystery of Charles Dickens thumbnail
The Mystery of Charles Dickens eAudiobook
A.N. Wilson / Mark Meadows Available 19th June 2024

Filled with the twists pathos and unusual characters that sprang from this novelist's extraordinary ..