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The Secret Diary Of Hendrik Groen thumbnail
The Secret Diary Of Hendrik Groen eAudiobook
Hendrik Groen / Julia Franklin

Hendrik Groen may be old but he is far from dead and isn't planning to be buried any time soon. Tech..

A Robot Ate My Grandma thumbnail
A Robot Ate My Grandma eAudiobook
Dave Cousins / Peter Kenny Available 15th June 2024

Jess and Jake love having a robot babysitter but lately Robin's been malfunctioning more and more of..

The Midnight Swan thumbnail
The Midnight Swan eAudiobook
Catherine Fisher / Deryn Edwards Available 14th June 2024

With an invisible girl a parliament of owls and a pen that writes by itself the journey to the Garde..

A Soldier's Girl thumbnail
A Soldier's Girl eAudiobook
Maggie Ford / Kate Lee

After a childhood in poverty and leaving school to work at the age of 13 life is beginning to look u..

Above Us The Sky thumbnail
Above Us The Sky eAudiobook
Milly Adams / Maggie Mash Available 13th June 2024

June 1940 and newly qualified teacher Phyllis Saunders is evacuated with her school to Dorset. Here ..

Changing Lara thumbnail
Changing Lara eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Karen Cass

Lara Perryman has spent her whole life travelling for her busy corporate job so it's a relief when s..

The Music Shop thumbnail
The Music Shop eAudiobook
Rachel Joyce / Steven Hartley Available 12th June 2024

1988. Frank owns a music shop. It is jam-packed with records of every speed size and genre. Classica..

The House of Hopes and Dreams thumbnail
The House of Hopes and Dreams eAudiobook
Trisha Ashley / Julia Franklin Available 12th June 2024

When Carey Revell unexpectedly becomes the heir to Mossby his family’s ancestral home it’s rathe..

The Velvet Fox thumbnail
The Velvet Fox eAudiobook
Catherine Fisher / Deryn Edwards

After rescuing Tomas from enchantment orphan Seren Rhys is enjoying her first summer at Plas-y-Fran...

The Posthumous Adventures of Harry Whittaker thumbnail
The Posthumous Adventures of Harry Whittaker eAudiobook
Bobbie Darbyshire / Peter Kenny Available 11th June 2024

When Harry Whittaker much loved star of stage and screen dies suddenly of a heart attack he finds hi..

My One Month Marriage thumbnail
My One Month Marriage eAudiobook
Shari Low / Cathleen McCarron

“I just need to know...which one of you slept with my husband?”You know that ‘till death do us..

Wings of the Morning thumbnail
Wings of the Morning eAudiobook
Beryl Matthews / Annie Aldington Available 10th June 2024

When the Second World War breaks out Annie Webster and her close-knit family find themselves - along..

Springtime at Wildacre thumbnail
Springtime at Wildacre eAudiobook
Lucy Daniels / Rosie Jones Available 10th June 2024

Mandy Hope is on cloud nine. Hope Meadows the animal rescue and rehabilitation centre she founded is..

The Garden of Forgotten Wishes thumbnail
The Garden of Forgotten Wishes eAudiobook
Trisha Ashley / Melissa Vaughan

Mourning lost years spent in a marriage that has finally come to an end and Marnie needs a fresh sta..

Baby thumbnail
Baby eAudiobook
Annaleese Jochems / Niamh Blackman

Cynthia is twenty-one bored and desperately waiting for something big to happen. Unemployed and livi..