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The Thimble River Mystery thumbnail
The Thimble River Mystery eAudiobook
Josephine Bell / Gordon Griffin Available 8th July 2024

A short story from British Library Crime Classic Deep Waters. When a man is found dead on his yacht ..

Surfeit of Suspects thumbnail
Surfeit of Suspects eAudiobook
George Bellairs / David Thorpe

Following a mysterious explosion the offices of Excelsior Joinery Company are no more; the three dir..

The Body in the Dumb River thumbnail
The Body in the Dumb River eAudiobook
George Bellairs / Gordon Griffin Available 4th July 2024

“For the most part the dead man received public sympathy. A decent hardworking chap with not an en..

Cold Case thumbnail
Cold Case eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce Available 4th July 2024

Former Chief Constable Bob Skinner may have left the police service but he's never far from a case. ..

Fugitive from the Grave thumbnail
Fugitive from the Grave eAudiobook
Edward Marston / Gordon Griffin Available 3rd July 2024

1817. Upon receiving a letter from an old family friend Clemency van Emden returns from Holland to f..

Death Has Deep Roots thumbnail
Death Has Deep Roots eAudiobook
Michael Gilbert / Gordon Griffin

At the Central Criminal Court an eager crowd awaits the trial of Victoria Lamartine an active partic..

Autographs in the Rain thumbnail
Autographs in the Rain eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce Available 7th July 2024

As Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner takes an evening stroll with Louise Banks an old flame and now..

Dead and Buried thumbnail
Dead and Buried eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce Available 2nd July 2024

DCC Bob Skinner has a failed marriage on his hands and a death on his conscience but little time to ..

A Cast of Vultures thumbnail
A Cast of Vultures eAudiobook
Judith Flanders / Julia Franklin Available 2nd July 2024

Usually sharp-witted editor Sam Clair stumbles through her post-launch-party morning with the hangov..

A Taste for Vengeance thumbnail
A Taste for Vengeance eAudiobook
Martin Walker / Peter Noble Available 2nd July 2024

Bruno now Chief of Police for the whole Vézère valley has an unusual challenge: teaching at his fr..

Why We Die thumbnail
Why We Die eAudiobook
Mick Herron / Julia Franklin Available 2nd July 2024

When Zoë Boehm agrees to track down the gang who knocked over Sweeney’s jewellery shop she certai..

The Glass Room thumbnail
The Glass Room eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Charlie Hardwick

DI Vera Stanhope is not one to make friends easily but she has more tolerance for her hippy neighbou..

Alarm Call thumbnail
Alarm Call eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / Joe Dunlop

Oz Blackstone didn't go looking for fame - it jumped out of an alleyway and mugged him with a fistfu..

Head Shot thumbnail
Head Shot eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce Available 1st July 2024

Assistant Chief Constable Bob Skinner's legendary cool is shaken when he's faced with the bodies of ..

The Good Husband of Zebra Drive thumbnail
The Good Husband of Zebra Drive eAudiobook
Alexander McCall Smith / Adjoa Andoh

Precious Ramotswe the ample and good-natured owner of the No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency is experie..